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Designed to suit the needs unique to your practice – MediTouch is the Electronic Health Records software that thinks like a doctor.

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We believe EHR software should adapt to the doctor, not the other way around.

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Integrated Health & Medical Records

With MediTouch, one practice needs only one EHR software partner.

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Access your practice’s medical and health records anywhere, on any type of device or operating system.

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Meaningful Use

2014 Certified with Meaningful Use Report Card.


What are Electronic Health & Medical Records (EMR/EHR)?

An Electronic Health Record, or Electronic Medical Record, is a digital version of a patient’s medical records. This type of software has existed for over 30 years, but with the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, signed into law in 2009, EHR/EMR usage has become far more widely adopted, driven by government incentives. Now, due to Meaningful Use subsidies and changes in coding, the use of electronic medical records is becoming more and more pertinent.

Gone are the days when health practitioners solely rely on paper charts and medical books to find the best treatment plan for their patients. As innovation and technology continues to progress, advanced tools such as electronic health records software has been developed; thus greatly impacting healthcare. Unlike the traditional way of documenting patient records, EHRs are more convenient to use, since it has features that allow you to store data and access immense information with just a few keystrokes. Now is the perfect time to embrace modern methods and tools that can provide more benefits to you and to your patients.

Why Should You Adopt EHR Technology?

Today, a successful medical practice hinges on the use of sophisticated, intelligent IT products. Our seamlessly integrated EHR/EMR system and software will help you achieve a higher quality of patient care with more efficiency and a boost in revenue.

Medical EHR systems are ideal when they include many practice management and billing functions that work together to help you run your practice smoothly and productively. Our billing solutions and Clearinghouse will help you maximize your practice’s true revenue potentials by streamlining your claim submission, providing excellent reporting, and speeding payment. Another seamlessly integrated part of our EHR / EMR system, the MediTouch patient portal is nuanced enough to become an essential part of your workflow and provide the access, privacy levels and functions that you, your patients and their family members need. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to succeed and keep pace with our transitioning healthcare system.

Avoid penalties by implementing Meaningful Use certified Electronic Health Records
Using 2014 Meaningful Use certified EMR software allows providers who are able to demonstrate meaningful use of an electronic health record system each year will successfully avoid government penalties. Important note: 2014 is the last year that EPs can begin attesting for Meaningful Use. Although the future of the Meaningful Use program is murky and our existing set of standards may change, they will not be eliminated entirely. With MediTouch, Meaningful Use is built into the system, and with our Meaningful Use Report Card, there’s virtually no “extra” work to earn your EHR incentive payments. Our EHR programs are also ICD-10 ready so that you can easily manage the change in code set and avoid claim denials.

Improve quality of care with your Electronic Health Record
Electronic medical records improve the accuracy, accessibility and readability of medical records, since there’s no need to decipher physician handwriting. Having a universal record accessible by all treating physicians also reduces duplication of tests and delays in treatment. Using MediTouch EMR software gives you additional benefits, such as warnings, alerts and reminders that help further avoid medication errors and duplicates.

Since electronic medical record systems allow healthcare providers to access medical records containing allergies, medical conditions, lab orders and medications for their clients, there has been a distinct improvement in patient care these past few years. This is exactly what the Meditouch software suite does. It helps providers to arrive at the correct diagnosis in the least amount of time, making the best care readily available to each patient. Our EHR/EMR software not only transmits information, it checks for possible issues with a newly prescribed medication and immediately issues alerts and warnings to prevent complications. Meditouch by HealthFusion gets the job done and constantly identifies and automatically corrects operational problems to ensure quality patient care.

EHR systems increase patient engagement and satisfaction with personal health record access
With an integrated patient portal, your patients have private and secure access to their own electronic Personal Health Record (PHR) via our record system. Patients that have access to a patient portal tend to be more engaged in their own care, and the ability to easily ask questions and request medication refills online improves patient satisfaction. Access to, and engagement with a patient portal is one of the requirements to achieve Meaningful Use Stage 2. MediTouch EHR comes with a free Meaningful Use certified patient portal that helps you stay compliant with the CMS patient engagement measures.

As a healthcare provider, it is your responsibility to help your patients improve their overall health. You monitor the treatment you’re providing your patients and whether or not they are compatible with the medication that you prescribe. The MediTouch EHR software program by Healthfusion will help you keep track of your patient’s health progress. It also allows patients to become more involved with their plan of care. Through the patient portal, patients can request e-prescriptions and ask you direct questions related to their health. You and your team can establish a good rapport with them, thus ensuring a plan of care that they will be comfortable with and will maximize improvement to their health.

Most EHR systems have remarkably increased patient engagement through patient portals. One of our EHR’s most appreciated features is that you can also foster patient engagement when you choose Meditouch by HealthFusion as your EHR partner. It has voice recognition capabilities that allows healthcare providers to chart using verbal cues or commands. This is a great time-saver and enables providers to make the most out of each patient visit and personally interact with them. Our patient portal is also equipped with alerts and reminders that help boost your patients’ willingness to participate in the process. Our software not only benefits you, but it also benefits your patients, as well.

Increase practice efficiency with our medical charting software
Using a cloud-based EHR customized to your specialty will save you time and let you chart on the go. MediTouch comes preloaded with templates and care plans specific to almost any medical specialty. Even if using medical charting software is new to you, you’ll find the MediTouch interface to be instantly familiar, with workflows that are recognizable to you and your staff, along with a traditional SOAP format. You can easily access older encounters, use our medical charting software on your iPad with fingertip touch, and use dual view pull-outs when multi-tasking. Make your EHR software speak like you do.