Some physicians complain that using their EHR software reduces their productivity and interferes with the patient relationship. While some reduction in productivity is normal in the short term with the introduction of any new technology, the bottom line is this:

Your EHR software should not slow you down and force you to chart after office hours.

Don’t believe it? You can see for yourself how fast charting can be—in HealthFusion’s MediTouch. And we’re talking seconds, not minutes.

Watch it now

While this video is about five minutes, demonstrating charting, eRX (e prescription) and submitting a claim to the biller, the actual charting time is only 25 seconds. That’s right—less than half a minute.

Our motto at HealthFusion has long been “no homework”—meaning that physicians shouldn’t have to sacrifice their family and personal time in order to chart their encounters. That’s because HealthFusion was founded and is still managed by physicians, who understand the requirements of charting and running a medical office. They also know the value of completing a patient’s chart accurately and thoroughly at the point of examination so that no valuable information is lost.

Why is MediTouch faster?

What makes MediTouch charting faster and easier than other EHR software?

  • Designed by physicians for physicians
  • Native to the iPad and other tablets—not an app
  • Button design allows for easy input on tablets, desktops and laptops
  • Easily customizable for most specialties
  • And much more

You can see these and many other reasons why, with Meditouch, your EHR software won’t slow you down—and will in fact streamline your charting—in this short video. Watch it now, and then request a free live demo to see how our EHR software and integrated practice management software will work in your practice to eliminate the need for after-hours charting and improve your bottom line.

Free MediTouch Demo