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Seth Flam, DO

Lead Blogger: Seth Flam, DO

Dr. Flam is one of the founders of HealthFusion and serves as the company's CEO and President. He is board certified in Family Practice and is one of the creative forces behind MediTouch EHR.

If Your EHR Software Reduces Your Productivity, You Need to Watch This Video

Some physicians complain that using their EHR software reduces their productivity and interferes with the patient relationship. While some reduction in productivity is normal in the short term with the introduction of any new technology, the bottom line is this: Your EHR software should not slow you down and force you to chart after office hours. Don’t believe it? You can see for yourself how fast charting can be—in HealthFusion’s MediTouch. And we’re talking seconds, not minutes. Watch it now While this video is about five minutes, demonstrating charting, eRX (e prescription) […] Continue Reading

HealthFusion® EHR Software Awarded Surescripts® White Coat of Quality for Fourth Consecutive Year

HealthFusion is proud to announce that our MediTouch® EHR software e-prescribing (eRx) system has been awarded the Surescripts White Coat of Quality for 2014, for an unprecedented fourth consecutive year. The White Coat of Quality is Surescripts’ highest recognition for software providers that uphold their strict standards for clinical quality and best practices in e-prescribing. Only four of the top 40 EHRs are multi-year winners. Four-time winners of the award are even more rare, with fewer than 10 achieving that distinction. Previously certified as a Surescripts Solution Provider, the MediTouch e-prescribing system […] Continue Reading

Most Providers Poised to Embrace Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management and Medicare Advantage
According to a recent survey, 76 percent of respondents said they would organize and structure to meet chronic care management program requirements within the next six months. When asked how many would try to meet the program requirements in 12 months, 92 percent said they would. Of course, this means that three quarters of providers are missing out on the revenue—estimated to be approximately $300,000 per year for the average practice—for anywhere from six months to a year, but the enthusiasm for this new benefit can not be ignored. Why the delay […] Continue Reading

What is a Software Advice Ranking, and What Does It Mean to Your EHR Software Selection?

Choosing the right EHR software for a medical practice is extremely challenging, and as we know from replacement rates, laden with trial and error. One of the ways that practices use to assess which EHR software or medical billing software will be best for their needs is to use independent evaluation sources, which provide an objective look at the benefits of various EHRs. Among the leaders in this field is Software Advice, which is owned by the highly respected Gartner Inc. information technology research and advisory organization and provides evaluations of a […] Continue Reading

Chronic Care Management Program Launch Lagging for Practices—Is EHR Software to Blame?

Chronic Care Management and Medicare Advantage
In spite of new CMS payments available to physician practices for chronic care management (CCM) services, almost half of healthcare organizations have yet to launch a formal chronic care management program, leaving critical reimbursement dollars on the table, according to a recent survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network. The survey showed that almost 45 percent of respondents have yet to bill for the chronic care management code, missing out on at least a portion of the $300,000 per year in additional revenue experts estimate the program will bring to the average practice. CMS’ […] Continue Reading

HealthFusion Releases 2015 EHR Vendors Comparison

We are proud to announce that we have released our 2015 EHR Vendors Comparison, which compares the top 42 fully integrated EHRs, as listed by Medical Economics, in several key areas. Our 2014 EHR VendorsComparison was extremely popular with practices, viewed by thousands of users looking for the right EHR software. Among the criteria used in the 2015 EHR Vendors Comparison are: Medical Economics’ Best EHRs of 2014 Nationwide Provider Survey Black Book Rankings’ Top 10 Mobile Survey – Virtualized & Native iPad EHRs Software Advice Top Reviewed EHR Surescripts White Coat of Quality Multi-Year Award-Winner And much […] Continue Reading

How to Handle the Chronic Care Management Patient Agreement

The new Chronic Care Management Code is creating a lot of buzz among medical practices, both because of the possibility of additional revenue for services that many practices are already providing, and also because practices are trying to figure out exactly how to implement the new program. The program is promising, especially for primary care practices that have seen reduced income in recent years, because estimates are that potential revenue could exceed $300,000 per year for the average practice according to the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). But the chronic care management […] Continue Reading

Why Should Your Practice Have a Cloud-Based EHR?

If you’re still debating whether to go with a web-based EHR or a server-based EHR, you should know why a growing number of practices are choosing to go with a cloud EMR. How does a web-based EMR differ from the older technology of a client server-based EHR system? A cloud EMR is different (and better, in our opinion) due to the following factors: Your software is always up to date With a web-based EMR, the software is always up to date, usually at no additional charge. No more expensive upgrades causing delays; […] Continue Reading

Free Infographic—Manage Nursing Home Patients with New Long Term Care Software

Long term care is demanding enough without adding to your charting workload. And as the population ages, nursing home patients will become an increasing percentage of many providers’ practice. Fortunately, there are now long term care software tools to help you schedule, register and manage your nursing home patients. Review our infographic below to see how you can streamline management of your patients in nursing homes and other long term care facilities. For more detail on this exciting new feature designed to aid you in managing your nursing home patients, download our […] Continue Reading

Mobile EHR Users Report Higher Satisfaction Levels

Mobile EHR Users' Challenges with Learning
Providers who were using a mobile EHR expressed twice the satisfaction levels of those using EHRs via non-mobile systems, according to a recent survey by tablet-based EHR review group Software Advice. The survey showed that 58 percent of mobile EHR users were “very satisfied” with their EHR, compared to 28 percent of non-mobile users. These increased satisfaction levels may be the result of another facet of the survey showing that mobile users reported fewer challenges with learning how to use the EHR software and fewer problems with their EHR system decreasing productivity. Specifically, only 39 […] Continue Reading