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EHNAC Certified

HealthFusion is one of just a handful of integrated EHR, Clearinghouse and Practice Management companies that has been accredited by the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC).

We’ve Met or Exceeded HIPAA Requirements

EHNAC is an impartial third party that certifies that HealthFusion’s electronic network has met or exceeded certain performance criteria for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). See the full list of accredited organizations here.

  • Data privacy and confidentiality – Policies and procedures regarding the protection of PHI are adhered to
  • Data transmission – Data is processed in a timely and accurate fashion
  • System integrity – The system is available, and data is backed up and stored properly
  • Truth-in-advertising – We must actually be doing what we say we will do for our customers
  • Resource allocation – We maintain adequate staff, plant, and equipment facilities
  • Security – We meet or exceed the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule with respect to PHI

HealthFusion’s EHNAC certification is really a commitment to our most valued resource, the healthcare participants that use our software and services. We are committed to maintaining our certification, which means that every year we will be working hard on your behalf to maintain or exceed industry standards with regard to the electronic network that your enterprise accesses when you use HealthFusion.