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Family Practice EHR Software

With templates customized for family practice physicians, and a unique ability to adapt to your specific workflow – MediTouch is a great choice for any family practice.

MediTouch – Family Practice EMR

What do you get when you combine board certified family practitioners as the principal visionaries of an EHR, with a highly seasoned healthcare IT team? You get the best Family Practice EHR Software in the nation. You get to leave your office without any homework. You get to chart in the exam room on your iPad or mobile tablet. You get an EHR that thinks like you do. You getMediTouch EHR.


  • Creates a perfectly formatted encounter output
  • Automatically fax in and out of the EHR
  • Customize most every part of the interface
  • Import Diagnostic Images
  • Connects to the major labs and many more
  • Create Lab and Vital Sign Flow Sheets
  • Conduct Virtual Office Visits
  • Display your own customized Amazon Storefront for nutritionals and non-prescription supplies
  • Repurpose old encounters as favorite blueprints (templates)
  • Wirelessly Capture a patient image with your smartphone and annotate the image using MediDraw
  • And many, many more!

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Family Practice Chief Complaint and History of Present Illness Templates

A Chief Complaint and History of Present Illness template is the best way to document the reason for a patient visit. These forms can be completed from anywhere that has an internet connection. If your patient does not speak English — no problem, we translate the forms on the MediTouch patient portal into dozens of foreign languages. The MediTouch system is pre-loaded with hundreds of Chief Complaint and HPI forms, and it is simple to customize those templates without the assistance of an IT professional.

Family Practice EHR Care Plans

A Care Plan is a pre-formatted, fully customizable interface that is used to document your treatment objectives and goals regarding a specific diagnosis. Meaningful Use Stage 2 requires this documentation, when applicable, in each encounter note, and with MediTouch we make it simple.