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Pediatrics EHR Software – Because Children Aren’t Just Small Adults

Every pediatrician has heard the phrase “infants and children are not small adults.” Our Pediatrics EHR software was designed with this in mind.

Why is MediTouch the Best Pediatric EMR?

Created with the input of practicing pediatricians, MediTouch is not just an adult EHR/EMR morphed into a pediatric system. With features designed for childhood medicine and a unique ability to customize and adapt to your specific practice workflow, there is no better way to document child healthcare findings than with MediTouch Pediatric EHR.


  • “Well Child” Blueprints speed encounter creation
  • Anticipatory Guidance is pre-formatted for each age group
  • Link Family History between siblings
  • Developmental Milestones are all pre-loaded
  • Dozens of Pediatric Specific Care Plans are built into the system
  • Tap your way through physical exam findings specific to each age group
  • Immunizations are pre-loaded and we connect directly to immunization registries
  • Automated Vaccine Inventory Tools to track your immunization supply
  • Add an immunization, and the “Virtual Superbill” is automatically populated with procedure codes
  • Create local, school, and camp forms; merge your signature and patient data right into the form
  • Dosing calculator assists in prescribing via our SureScripts Award Winning ePrescribing (eRx) Software
  • Add who accompanied the patient during the visit to the encounter note
  • Record the child’s legal guardian in the patient chart

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Pediatric EHR Care Plans

A Care Plan is a pre-formatted, fully customizable interface that is used to document your treatment objectives and goals regarding a specific diagnosis. Meaningful Use Stage 2 requires this documentation, when applicable, in each encounter note, and with MediTouch we make it simple.