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Web-Based EHR – Cloud-Based, SaaS, ASP

MediTouch cloud-based EHR lets you easily access patient data and records from anywhere that has an internet connection.


A Workflow without Boundaries

Switching to a modern, iPad native, cloud-based EHR software such as MediTouch can save users countless hours on charting, billing, retrieving records, e-prescribing, ordering lab results, monitoring patient flow, and more.

The Benefits of a Web-Based EHR


With a web-based EMR, there is no need to buy expensive, bulky servers or hire a full-time IT person to manage it. MediTouch runs on the hardware your practice already has – desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile. And with our affordable monthly subscription model, there are no setup or training fees – so you can start using your new system on day one.


Experts report data stored in the cloud is actually more secure than data stored on a physical server or paper records in your practice. With MediTouch, your data is always backed up, encrypted, and protected 24/7 by the highest level of HIPAA-certified security measures.


With MediTouch cloud EHR, you’re always just an internet connection away from accessing your data. All system updates are included with your subscription, and are implemented with no downtime for your practice. Access MediTouch from home or while traveling – including on your smartphone!


Web-based electronic health records are the best choice for both smaller and larger practices. Without the need to buy, store, or maintain physical servers, adding a provider or location is simple and inexpensive. With MediTouch, practices can grow faster and easier, without massive IT expenses.