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Medical Claims Clearinghouse: Claims, ERA, Eligibility and More

Medical practices trust MediTouch medical claims clearinghouse because they know it is secure and certified by Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC). We meet the highest level of HIPAA compliance and have the prestigious Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) CORE II certification to prove it!


Claims Submission

With thousands of built-in edits your first pass acceptance rate should reach 95% or higher.


Insurance Verification

Automate the verification process and learn more about your patient’s insurance benefits.


ERA – Electronic EOB®

With MediTouch you can work smarter, not harder. Stop manually posting remittance advice.



All you need to know about the status of your claims. No more wading through complex reports.


Our medical clearinghouse processes millions of electronic transactions each year, providing valuable services including checking patients’ insurance eligibility, “scrubbing” claims–or checking them for errors–and then securely transmitting those properly formatted claims to the target payer.

The MediTouch medical claims submission process offers real-time feedback to medical billers and practice managers on their claims in just seconds. Plus, with instant editing, you can correct claims quickly and your practice should be able to reach a first pass acceptance rate of 95% or higher for eligible patients and providers. The medical claims clearinghouse also provides a claim tracker tool (think Fedex package tracking) and payer claim status reports that allow you to know the status of your practice’s claims at any time.

Having a medical clearinghouse that is integrated with your medical billing software streamlines the claim submission process and avoids conflicts over where a submission error resides and which vendor will provide support to troubleshoot rejected claims. With our integrated medical clearinghouse and medical billing software, you have a smooth submission process from beginning to end.

Best of all, with MediTouch you get the benefits of our integrated medical claims clearinghouse included with every billing and or EHR implementation.