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Denial Management Software with MediTouch Denial Defender

The best way to manage denials is to not have any – avoid denials with our Denial Defender denial management software.


Denial Defender Optimized Claims

Should you get a denial, our workflow supports an easy way to mark the claim for appeal and re-send the claim to the payer along with any edits you choose to make.

  • Compare each claim against a sophisticated database of standards
  • Millions of edits designed to avoid health plan rejection and denial
  • Monthly reports that track your denials based on the denial reason
  • Get feedback on the latest Medicare LCD and NCD rules, CCI edits and use of modifiers
MediTouch’s Denial Defender system goes far beyond the simple “code scrubber” tools offered by other medical billing software options. Our easy to use, “at-a-glance” system is designed to make recommendations on the use of billing codes and modifiers, increasing your percentage of clean claims and speeding your payment rate.

Denial Defender is a color-coded system that uses a database containing tens of thousands of coding rules. Denial Defender® verifies modifier usage, checks for CCI bundling edits, determines code validity, validates pass-through items and verifies medical necessity. Plus, Denial Defender provides the Relative Value Unit (RVU) of each procedure, helping billers to maximize reimbursement. Taken together, these tools comprise one of the best denial management software systems available, insuring your reimbursement and speed of payment are optimized.

In addition, Denial Defender will alert you real-time if your charges are saved to claims that are inconsistent with the current Medicare coverage guidelines. You can also modify the alert system so that Denial Defender is customized for your practice.

With MediTouch’s best in class denial management tools, at the same time you are creating claims our system is helping you optimize the claim, real-time, to prevent rejections and denials by the payer.