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EHR iPad Dictation:
What’s the Fastest Way to Chart in the Exam Room?

What's the Fastest Way to Chart in the Exam Room? iPad Dictation Infographic

What’s the Fastest Way to Chart in the Exam Room?

A Pennsylvania community hospital showed that physicians spent an average of:

44% on Data Entry

28% on Direct Patient Care

13% on Reviewing Test Results and Records

12% on Discussion with Colleagues

3% on Other Activities

A recent RAND report found that the amount of time spent on EHR data entry was one of the top two areas of dissatisfaction among doctors.

And yet…physicians who chart in the exam room have the highest encounter note accuracy, since the data is being entered immediately, while the patient is engaged.

But how do you chart quickly and effectively in the exam room?

Using a mobile tablet such as an iPad facilitates charting at the bedside or in the exam room = When the patient leaves the room, more than 95% of charting is completed for the patient.

The gold standard for EHR use is the ability to chart at the point of care. The best way to facilitate point of care data entry is a 3-prong strategy:

Fingertip touch – may be fastest method for data entry

Dictation (speech to text) – is important for data not easily templated

Keyboarding – Slowest but perhaps most precise.

Fingertip touch should be primary means of data entry, but can be supplemented with dictation

But until now there have been challenges with dictation:

-Not all EHRs offer an interface that promotes real-time encounter creation

-Physicians need a mobile device that’s easy to use in the exam room

-EHR must be optimized for the mobile platform

NIH-Funded Study shows dictation is 61% more efficient than conventional EHR data entry

The Good News!

The iPad has built-in speech to text functionality

iPad speech to text functionality has improved and can replace Dragon Medical for short bursts of dictation

But historically, iPad speech to text did not perform well with medical terms and medication names

Effective Dictation has Arrived! HealthFusion tested iPad dictation with MediTouch EHR on the new iPad Air and the latest version of iOS 7.1

iPad Dictation Test Results

Medical Terms: 96% Success Rate, 609 Tested

Medication Names: 86% Success Rate, 133 Tested

What Do These Results Mean to You?

Native iPad dictation is useful for short bursts of medically-related transcription

Using an EHR designed to incorporate iPad dictation can be very productive

For Success

Use an EHR that is optimized for the iPad

Be sure it works with fingertip touch

Be sure it can record and edit dictation

This reduces charting “Homework” and increases the accuracy of the encounter note

MediTouch EHR is the only EHR specifically designed to meet these criteria.

MediTouch EHR has complete functionality on the iPad; every module is supported natively via the iPad built-in Safari browser. The interface is optimized for touch, making data entry via the fingertip fast and easy. In addition, MediTouch is designed to offer dedicated areas for the capture of dictated notations.