Many EHR vendors still complain about working toward Meaningful Use (MU) certification. I have heard all of the reasons why vendors are protesting the MU initiative. They maintain that MU interferes with usability. We don’t buy it. MediTouch EHR® is fast, intuitive, mobile, and of course MU certified. Sure, some of the government measures seem silly (and some really are), but the government is pulling the healthcare industry into the modern era, away from paper and into the electronic world. Every other industry is already digital; it is now healthcare’s turn.

Change is hard for providers and apparently for some EHR vendors, but not for MediTouch®. In fact, I believe our user experience has improved as a result of the Meaningful Use certification process. Our advice: stay away from vendors that have not achieved MU certification. If they have not achieved certification early in the process, it means they are struggling — and they may not make it for the 2013 round of certification. Providers need to embrace EHR vendors that embrace MU. MU certification means that MediTouch embraces standards and is interoperable with other systems.

We believe that quality healthcare is keyed to a future dependent on EHR technology, and HealthFusion is proud to be certified for MU in the first month that the government testing program was in place!