In our last blog we discussed how important suggestive Evaluation and Management (E/M) coding is for physicians. MediTouch EHR simplifies E/M coding but unlike many EHRs our system also has additional automated methods that work with your billing team to assist with other non-E/M procedure codes and even diagnosis codes. MediTouch EHR is a completely integrated EHR/Billing/Clearinghouse system and because of that level of integration it can make coding at the point of care simpler for doctors. Before a provider even sees a patient, much, if not all of the encounter can be pre-coded.

How does pre-coding work?
For years our practice management system has supported the concept of claim templates — pre-coded claims that code themselves for visits that are repetitive. If you see patients for repetitive visits or if your staff knows how you code for certain visit types then pre-coding via claim templates makes coding simple. Your staff simply saves a favorite claim as a template and associates it with an encounter in your schedule.

Another way that our system can pre-code for you is to associate diagnosis codes with our Chief Complaint (CC) and History of Present Illness (HPI) forms. There are hundreds of CC/HPI forms and most all are associated with a set of diagnosis codes. Select a form and you are instantly coding the diagnosis. No other EHR can do that!

When you are coding an encounter in the MediTouch EHR the codes associated with pre-coded claim templates and or CC/HPI forms will display in the “Suggested Codes” portion of the corresponding diagnosis and procedure coding sections. If the suggested codes are appropriate, simply click the codes and add them to the encounter.

Pre-coding works. It reduces the amount of work and narrows the selection of codes for the provider when the encounter concludes. Pre-coding and suggestive E/M coding are the perfect marriage of coding automation techniques. Let MediTouch EHR and your billing staff suggest codes when you need to complete your encounter – yes there really are angels watching over your claims.