They said it could not be done but we proved them wrong! Back in 2009 when the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (aka the stimulus package) was enacted the legislation that funds the EHR Meaningful Use (MU) incentive program we made the following predictions:

Prediction #1 – The program would start and pay as scheduled – CMS has come through and although there were many skeptics, this is one time CMS and the Feds have performed – they have actually started paying the 44 – 64 thousand per provider

Prediction #2 – CCHIT would lose their monopoly on EHR certification – now there are six authorized certification bodies listed on the ONC (Office of the National Coordinator) website

Prediction #3 – Apple would invent a stretched out iPhone like device that would be perfect for physician mobile computing – the iPad was release 14 months later

Prediction #4 – The American Osteopathic Association, the second largest medical association in the country, would see the value of the MediTouch EHR and its Osteopathic Module and “adopt” MediTouch as its exclusive EHR partner

Prediction #5 – MediTouch, the product that we were optimizing over one year in advance of the release of the iPad, would be certified by an ONC testing body within the first 30 days that testing began

Prediction #6 – MediTouch would create a unique Meaningful Use Report Card® that would assist providers in reporting the required MU measures to CMS

Prediction #7 – On the first week of attestation MediTouch users would successfully report the required measures on the CMS website aided by our Meaningful Use Report Card®. Those user have concluded their reporting process with the summary message from CMS – “LOCKED FOR PAYMENT”

We have been right every step of the way. Now our users are reaping the benefits. Trust MediTouch, we have had our finger on the pulse of mobile EHR computing and MU. We predicted the creation of the iPad and therefore our product was optimized for touch before the iPad was even released. Now we’ve proved that we can help our providers navigate all of the tortuous steps toward obtaining Meaningful Use dollars. MediTouch users are poised to receive checks for their first $18,000 next month, are you?