I was recently astounded to find out that one of the largest publicly traded Practice Management / EHR companies is taking a percentage of their providers’ Meaningful Use stimulus incentive payments.

Publicly traded companies hold quarterly conference calls, and on a recent conference call, a Wall Street analyst asked the CEO of that large publicly traded company the following question:

Question from a Wall Street Analyst: One quick if I could and this is — forgive my ignorance for this, but the stimulus when your client… receives stimulus money, do you guys share and is that considered a collection… or is that kind of separate from the contract or lease?

Answer from CEO, President and Chairman of the EHR Company: It’s a collection. Are you kidding me? We work our tails off to get that money. We’re taking our piece.

With MediTouch EHR®, we never ask the medical provider to share any percentage of their revenue stream with our company. There are no hidden fees. Implementation, training, and customer support is always available at no cost.

Remember, you are never required to share a percentage of your EHR Meaningful Use incentive payments with our company, and you should not have to share it with any company.