I recently read an article by Houston Neal of Software Advice. In the article, Houston details the leading web-based and Mac-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software, including MediTouch EHR®.

Houston is certainly right, “Apple is winning in healthcare.” As we have detailed in our previous blog, iPad® Tablet Adoption for EMR Use – No Really Means; Not Yet, physicians have adopted iPads® at a rate five times higher than the general public. While other competitors are playing catch-up, scrambling to adapt their EMR offerings to Apple® operating systems, MediTouch® was designed and built from the beginning with Apple’s® operating system and market prowess in mind. While Houston’s article is an improvement on past EMR vendor lists, he still fails to capture the uniqueness of MediTouch EHR®.

List of Features that Make MediTouch® Unique:

  • A powerful, all-in-one system, fully integrated with our world-class EHR, Practice Management, and Clearinghouse solutions.
  • Platform independent, so it runs on any Apple® or Windows® computers, including tablets, and is ideal for the touchscreen iPad®
  • Pre-loaded with specialty specific findings, meaning you can start charting on the first use.
  • The leading cloud, web-based Electronic Health Record (EHR); so it works anywhere with Internet access (which is almost everywhere).
  • SureScripts® Certified Electronic Prescribing.
  • Meaningful Use Certified, complete with a Report Card® to help keep you on track to earning $44-64K in Medicare and Medicaid stimulus incentives.
  • No EHR start up fees. Easy to deploy without breaking the bank, and simple to adapt to your workflow and style.
  • Draw directly on patient images or anatomical outlines using MediDraw®, either with your finger on the iPad®, or using a mouse on a desktop or laptop.
  • Leap beyond templates with revolutionary, customizable technology, allowing you to maintain eye contact with your patients throughout every office visit.
  • Connect to all the major labs, and share the results with your patients via our patient portal.
  • Automatic updates of all codes, medications, and formulary.
  • Backed by live, U.S.-based customer service, and recognized by J.D. Power and Associates® for “an Outstanding Customer Service Experience” two years running!

While Houston’s article covers web-based and Mac-based EMR’s, MediTouch® really straddles both lists. While MediTouch® is iPad®-native — it was designed and built for the Apple® iPad® and its operating system — it also works across multiple hardware platforms, including Windows® PCs, desktops, laptops, other tablets, and smartphones.

Of the nine web-based EMRs listed in Houston’s article, only six are Meaningful Use (ONC-ATCB) certified, including MediTouch®. Of those six, only four, including MediTouch EHR®, work across multiple specialties. And of the four, only one, MediTouch EHR®, is web-based and native to the Apple® iPad® operating system, while also working on other hardware, such as Windows® PCs.

EHR/EMR Competitive Analysis

Software Advice and Houston Neal are correct, web-based and Mac-based EHRs are the premier solutions on the market. However, why limit yourself to one or the other when you can have both with MediTouch EHR®? MediTouch® is built to handle the wide-range of computers your practice currently employs, as well as the leader in tablet computing, the Apple® iPad®. At HealthFusion®, we want every member of your practice, no matter the size, to have access to their EHR through their current computer or handheld device. MediTouch® is web-based and built to run on a variety of Windows® and Apple® platforms, from basic desktops to the iPad®, and almost everything in between.

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