EHR/EMR Vendor Customer Service

A recent article from InformationWeek Healthcare detailed the sentiment of many healthcare providers in search of an EHR/EMR system and vendor, as relayed by Mark Wagner, senior research director for KLAS, a health IT advisory firm. One provider was able to sum up the feelings of the collective:

“I want a system that can be customized but that doesn’t take an IT expert to do it. I want a system that meets meaningful use and has a PM [practice management] system to accompany it. I would love a system that meshes with our specialty without having to modify it too much. Lastly, I want an affordable system that keeps up with all the mandates pushed on our specialty and yet does not slow down our productivity.”

The article goes on to imply that such an ideal system doesn’t, and couldn’t possibly exist, due to the frantic sales strategy of many EHR/EMR vendors. However, while enterprise and legacy EHR/EMR vendors push sales, to the detriment of their current customer’s support and service, HealthFusion’s priority is the complete opposite. HealthFusion MediTouch users can always count on superb, free customer service and training. As the only EHR/EMR vendor to earn the prestigious J.D. Power and Associates® award for “Outstanding Customer Service”, HealthFusion MediTouch users can always expect a helping hand ready to guide them through any questions or issues they may experience. And, as a J.D. Power winner for two consecutive years, you can be guaranteed our commitment to customer service will not stop after implementation, which is also included at no additional charge.

While other EHR/EMR vendors may force healthcare providers into rigid templates with little-to-no available customization, HealthFusion’s MediTouch EHR comes with a combination of preloaded terms, medical phrases, and forms with the unlimited ability to customize the system. Best of all, you don’t have to be an IT expert to customize MediTouch EHR. With just a few minutes of training, providers and their staff will be creating custom charting tools on MediTouch’s easy to use interface. Those charting tools are all built to work with the tip of your finger on the iPad® tablet or with a mouse and keyboard on any Windows® PC or Apple® computer!

HealthFusion is growing its user base primarily because satisfied users refer their colleagues. Our users “feel good” about referring their friends, because they are convinced that the MediTouch team remains steadfast in our commitment to award-winning customer service for every MediTouch user.