In a recent blog post titled, Beyond Meaningful Use/Stimulus — EHR is a Revenue Enhancer — Time to think BIG!, we featured our new virtual office visit feature. The response to the blog post has been remarkable. Physicians were interested in learning more about how virtual visits work with Medicare patients. As a service to our providers, I have attached a letter from Medicare that clarifies their position regarding charging patients “on a cash basis” for this service.

The bottom line:

  1. Medicare pays for “telemedicine” only in certain cases when the provider is a “distant site practitioner” (see our prior blog)
  2. For providers who don’t meet the “distant site practitioner” standard, the service is a “non-covered service” and charging “on a cash basis” is within the provider’s right
  3. An Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) is not required, but the provider may issue a voluntary ABN to the beneficiary indicating that the service is non-covered by Medicare

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Medicare’s Position on Charging Patients on a “Cash Basis” for Virtual Office Visits

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