The next version of Apple’s iOS operating system (iOS 6) for iPhone and iPad (versions 2 and “New”) was announced this week and there are plenty of new features for iOS device users, but most of them do not directly impact MediTouch EHR users running our award-winning EHR software on an iPad… Yet we have discovered a couple that should make MediTouch users happy, but we advise waiting to download iOS 6 until Apple’s first service update becomes available.

Save Steps When Uploading Photos

If you snap a photo with your iPad the new photo upload feature will associate itself with MediTouch “browse and upload” and present you with the Camera app or Photos app image picker. So placing patient images in a patient chart can now be performed directly from Safari — no need to email the picture to the patient chart.

Simple Safari Upload of Patient Images

Faster Browser Speeds

MediTouch EHR uses extensive and complex Javascript programming to help run our user interface. It has been discovered that Safari on iOS 6 achieves better benchmark scores that it does on iOS 5. Most notably, there is a 17% increase in handling JavaScript and faster HTML rendering. We expect MediTouch pages to load even faster than they do today.

iOS 6 Mobile Safari
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iPad and iOS are Still Number One

At Apple’s recent event Tim Cook reported that Apple has sold 84 million iPads since the tablet debuted in 2010, 17 million of them in this year’s third quarter alone. He said the iPad now commands a 68 percent share of the tablet market, and is responsible for 91 percent of all Web traffic originating from tablets. iPad use is growing at an exponential rate and so is the use of our MediTouch EHR software. MediTouch was designed for the iPad and our synergistic relationship with Apple’s tablet continues to make medical documentation fast, easy, and mobile. See for yourself how iOS 6 and MediTouch can expedite your workflow, improve your revenue, and enhance your patient care.