In the April 9 print edition of American Medical News, the lead business story was “Everything in Medicine is Going Mobile”, and a sister article titled, “Challenges with Going Mobile”. The theme of the article, per Phil Chuang director of information services for Sutter Health in California, is that medical professionals have, “seen the power of them (mobile devices) in their personal lives, and they want to see that same power in their clinical lives.” Mobile devices definitely pass the “cool factor” test, but if the software is designed properly, they also are the most efficient way to chart an encounter.

In addition, he commented that, “Just because mobile devices work well in their personal lives doesn’t mean they will work in a clinical setting. Being proficient at playing Angry Birds on an iPad® doesn’t mean using an EHR on the iPad will be as easy.” He cautioned, “If the EHR wasn’t designed for use on a tablet, the user will not gain the same efficiencies that they would have on a desktop computer. For example, an EHR that uses a lot of small checkboxes for a clinical exam won’t work very efficiently for someone with adult-sized fingers trying to check the boxes. Many apps were written for a 19-inch computer screen, and we’re shoving them on a 7-inch mobile screen.”

The above captioned comments are a great buying guide for EHR technology. For years (even before the invention of the iPad) the design team at MediTouch EHR® has understood how fundamental the move to mobile medicine is and will be for years to come. That is why MediTouch® was designed from the “ground up” for mobile computer tablets. We agree with the industry experts that an EHR not designed for mobile and touch will not work efficiently on a mobile tablet computer. Below is a typical MediTouch EHR® screen on an iPad. Note what is lacking — there are no little checkboxes, in fact, it is designed for touch and for adult size fingers.

iPad EHR and EMR tablet computer allergy screen

Note the “buttons” are sized for fingertip touch, and the layout of the screen is easy to read even on the smaller iPad screen.

Over 80% percent of all medical professionals believe that they will eventually be charting on mobile devices. Since switching EHRs is such a hassle, why not start with the EHR that is designed for all platforms: Windows®, Mac®, iPad, laptop, and desktop computers — MediTouch EHR®.