Healthcare and Medical News from around the Internet 6-29-2012

There was much ado around the Web this week, June 29, 2012, in the world of EHR/EMR and Healthcare IT.

Liability Claims Drop with EHR and EMR Use

A recent report published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that switching from paper records to electronic health records (EHRs/EMRs) dramatically reduces the number of malpractice claims. While the study focused on a small sample size of insurance claims, “The adjusted rate of malpractice claims fell six-fold among physicians in practices that adopted computerized records, Steven R. Simon, MD, MPH, of the VA Boston Healthcare System and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and colleagues found.” The shift in claim volume represented a number of all closed claims, rather than just in payouts. The more extensive documentation and workflow notes of most EHR and EMR vendor systems may also help prevent against malpractice claims. Do not wait to adopt EHR or EMR software that can help reduce malpractice claims, increase revenue, and reduce practice costs; give MediTouch EHR® a try today!

e-Prescribe by June 30 to Avoid a 1.5% Penalty from Medicare

For those providers serving Medicare patients, you must have sent at least 10 e-prescriptions (eRx) by tomorrow, June 30, to avoid a 1.5% penalty from Medicare. Be sure to choose an EHR or EMR that has been e-prescribing for some time and is prepared for the eventual electronic prescribing of controlled substances. Don’t wait; start e-prescribing today with MediTouch® to avoid the Medicare penalty!

57% of Medicare Physicians Used EHRs in 2011

The Office of the Inspector General conducted the survey of a random sample of 2,000 Medicare physicians from October 2011 to January 2012. According to the report by the Government Accountability Office, 57% of primary care physicians used an electronic health record system (EHR/EMR) at their primary practice location in 2011. Of that 57% who used EHR/EMR systems, 90% used the systems to document evaluation and practice management services.

Telemedicine Market to be Valued at $2.5 Billion by 2018

Telemedicine is ideal for rural and mobile healthcare (mHealth) in remote locations throughout the country. MediTouch’s iPad-native EHR is ideal for rural and mobile healthcare, making MediTouch poised and ready for the coming boom in telemedicine. A new report from Companies & Markets shows that the telemedicine market reached a value of $736 million in 2011. According to the same report, the telemedicine market is poised to reach $2.5 billion by 2018. As more and more doctors adopt EHRs/EMRs and CMS’ Meaningful Use Stage 2 forces them to use patient portals for a mandatory percentage of their patient interactions, the telemedicine industry will continue to grow rapidly, as the report predicts. So be sure to choose an EHR/EMR system with a proven, reliable patient portal – give MediTouch’s YourHealthFile® Patient Portal a try and be part of the telemedicine boom.