Healthcare and Medical News from around the Internet 6-8-2012

Not much in the way of healthcare news around the Web this week of June 8, 2012. However, there are a couple stories that should be of interest to MediTouch® users, as well as those still weighing their EHR and practice management options.

Discontent with Current EHR Vendor at Western Kentucky Leads to EHR Switch

As HealthFusion founder, CEO, and President, Dr. Seth Flam, has stated in previous EHR blog posts, Medicine is Going Mobile — BUT your EHR must be designed for use on a tablet computer and Cloud-Based vs. Client Server — What Is the Best EHR Infrastructure?, choosing an electronic health record (EHR) is not a decision to be rushed or made lightly. Switching from one EHR to another can be an incredibly expensive and arduous task, as the Western Kentucky Orthopedic and Neurological Associates (WKONA) figured out the hard way. After continued discontent with their EHR vendor, Western Kentucky decided to switch their EHR and practice management system for 11 physicians across 5 locations. “We are de-installing our current EHR and practice management system due to our frustration with the products and the lack of customer service provided by the vendor,” says Christopher Patton, M.D., WKONA. It’s important not to fall victim to the same mistakes made by Western Kentucky when choosing an EHR vendor. Take your time and make sure the EHR and practice management system you choose is right for your practice and specialty — all EHRs are not made equally, make the right decision the first time. Choose the all-in-one, Web-based, iPad-native EHR with a multitude of features, including EHR drawing, YourHealthFile® Patient Portal, and many more — Choose MediTouch EHR®.

CMS’ EHR Meaningful Use Payments Exceed 110,000 Providers

Another Meaningful Use milestone has been reached: The Medicare and Medicaid electronic health record (EHR) program has paid out $5.58 billion to 110,650 physicians and hospital in total program estimates through May 2012. “We are reaching an even keel as to how much we are paying each month in incentive payments,” said Robert Anthony, specialist in CMS’ Office of eHealth Standards and Services, in his program status report at the June 6 meeting of the Health IT Policy Committee, which advises the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT. April was the first month that Medicaid professionals could be paid as meaningful users, but not all of the states have their systems up and running yet for Medicaid Meaningful Use attestations, he said. As of April, about 45 percent of all eligible hospitals have received an incentive payment, while 1 of every 7 eligible Medicare physicians is a meaningful user of EHRs, moving steadily higher from the previous month’s 1 in every 9 Medicare physicians, said Robert Anthony.

If you are a current MediTouch user, be sure you are set up to attest to Meaningful Use, so that you can earn your full incentive payment from the government. For those still attempting to choose an EHR vendor, MediTouch has been helping our providers attest to Meaningful Use from the beginning of the program, so you can depend on MediTouch to get you all the Meaningful Use incentives you have coming. Mark Uzansky, D.O., of Livonia, MI, is one of the first physicians in the nation to receive $18,000 in stimulus funds, successfully using HealthFusion’s MediTouch EHR to complete the first phase of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Meaningful Use Incentive Program. With one of the most reliable Meaningful Use attestation records in the industry, and a built-in Meaningful Use Report Card® to simplify the process, MediTouch makes it easy to successfully attest to Meaningful Use.