Recent studies show low satisfaction rates among EHR users still struggling with older server-based EHR systems that are not tablet compatible or Meaningful Use certified. Switching to a modern, iPad native, cloud-based EHR software such as MediTouch can save users countless hours on charting, billing, retrieving records, e-prescribing, ordering lab results, monitoring patient flow, and more.

At HealthFusion, we are currently experiencing an increase in physicians approaching us wanting to move away from their legacy systems and into cloud-based EHR software. These physicians and other members of the healthcare community are looking for a user-friendly system that is 2014 Meaningful Use Stage 2 compliant – and MediTouch EHR was among just the first five pure ambulatory EHR companies to achieve this certification.

If you are thinking of switching to cloud-based EHR software, the first step should be to make sure that the system you are switching to can properly extract and import your existing patient data.

Modern electronic medical records use codes to identify unique data elements “behind the scenes.” Using codes rather than names makes your EHR much more powerful and accurate, and codified data is also a requirement for Meaningful Use compliance. Unlike many EHR vendors that do not have the ability to accurately handle codified data, MediTouch has invested hundreds of hours refining the data import process, to make sure that the imported data is accurate and codified. With the MediTouch Import Wizard your data will populate as if it was originally created in our EHR. For a typical patient it takes a few minutes for your staff to match the old data to the codified MediTouch module.

EHR data conversion without an import wizard interface could result in data mismatches that may harm your patients. With the MediTouch EHR Data Import Wizard and our data matching method, importing data from your old EHR is simple and precise – and your practice will be importing data in the structured, codified format required to achieve Meaningful Use and more.

Not sure if you are ready to switch? As discussed in a previous blog post, the following are just a few of the benefits of choosing the MediTouch iPad native, Meaningful Use compliant, cloud-based EHR software over a client-server EHR:

  • With the cloud, you don’t have to worry about maintaining hardware or backing up data – our team of engineers handles that for you. And with the MediTouch Pure Cloud, you can rest assured that your data is always available and always protected by HIPAA-certified security measures.
  • MediTouch cloud EHR offers J.D. Power and Associates award-winning customer support, and our dedicated customer care team is happy to help you with training, technical issues, troubleshooting, and general assistance.
  • Maintaining and backing up data in a secure and effective way is an involved process that often requires having an IT team on staff. If you do not have a large practice that can afford a full-time IT professional, the MediTouch cloud-based EHR is the solution for you.
  • With a cloud-based EHR you can easily access patient data and records from anywhere that has an internet connection – including from home and when traveling.
  • Client-server systems do not work natively on the iPad, so if you are one of 80% of doctors who believes you will ultimately use a mobile tablet, the cloud is by far the best choice. And unlike a client-server system, you will always receive the latest cloud upgrades without paying any extra fees.

Ready to make the switch? Schedule a demo today to see if the MediTouch cloud EHR is the right solution for you.