"My EHR software saved a patient's life"In the midst of all the discussion about whether EHRs actually are improving patient care, we were very pleased to receive tangible proof that the MediTouch EHR® is making a difference in patients’ lives.

We recently received a message from one of our users, Dr. Kay Barney, DO, who found that the MediTouch Health Maintenance Alert helped her insure that a patient received the care he needed. In fact, the physician to whom the patient was referred said that this action saved his life.

MediTouch Health Maintenance reminders offer an alert in the form of a red triangular icon, as shown below. Alert fatigue can be an issue with some EHR software when they frequently pop up and interrupt patient care, but MediTouch alerts are designed to be prominent enough to get a physician’s attention while not causing alert fatigue. In this case, the alert did its job and helped Dr. Barney insure the patient was proactive in scheduling a needed test.

EHR Software saves patient life

“I saved my patient’s life”

“I play my usual game of ‘get rid of the red triangle health maintenance marker,’ and tell patients to get their scheduled tests,” Dr. Barney said. “My GI doctor called today and told me that I had saved my patient’s life. He had found a polyp with adenocarcinoma down to the wall of the sigmoid colon.

“I know that I didn’t really save it, my red triangle reminder button did,” said Dr. Barney.” Just thought you would want to know about a success story.”

We certainly appreciate Dr. Barney sharing that story with us, although we dispute the idea that she played no role in saving the patient’s life; she was doing what doctors do, which is look out for the patient’s health by encouraging them to take care of themselves.

Dr. Seth Flam summed up our feelings on this result best:

“As the founder and CEO of HealthFusion, I feel I can speak for my colleagues and say that your recent comments really hit the heart of what we are trying to accomplish with our EHR,” he said.

“On a personal note, as a physician that practiced for many years, my hope was that as I morphed into a software career I somehow would still be able to make a difference in the health of patients,” Dr. Flam added. “My only route to this dream is through dedicated physicians who use our software and work hard on trying to do the ‘right thing’.

“By extension through your efforts, the HealthFusion team can take some satisfaction that we are positively impacting the health of patients, and we thank you.”

Dr. Barney, thank you for your dedication to patient care, and for making our day.  We’ll keep working on ways to help you save your patients’ lives, and to make your job a little easier.