Surescripts Certified EHRMeaningful Use Stage 2 mandates that providers have the capability to exchange secure email messages via the Direct Project protocol. In their efforts to connect healthcare providers and break down costly communication barriers, Surescripts – the most comprehensive clinical health information network in the country – is building a network of EHR vendors that will help facilitate the adoption of this important technology. As announced in a recent press release, HealthFusion is pleased to be one of these vendors.

The Surescripts clinical messaging system allows for fast and secure information exchange between healthcare providers such as pharmacies, payers, physicians, and hospitals. For users of HealthFusion’s MediTouch, this means that they can use the Surescripts messaging capabilities to help meet healthcare industry and government standards – including Meaningful Use Stage 2.

“The Surescripts network provides connected EHRs and their rapidly growing contracted base the scale they need to connect care providers within a community and across the country,” said Harry Totonis, president and CEO of Surescripts.

MediTouch EHR providers already have the capability to procure their free Direct Method secure email address and many are prepared to begin replacing at least some of their fax-based data exchange with this modern streamlined technology.

In addition to being recognized as a Surescripts EHR partner and Certified Solution Provider, HealthFusion’s MediTouch was also awarded with the Surescripts White Coat of Quality for e-prescribing excellence in both 2011 and 2012.

With MediTouch’s web-based eRx system, you can prescribe on any type of device, including your iPad or smartphone. Prescriptions are transmitted safely and efficiently, and are compliant with Medicare’s e-prescribing directive as well as Meaningful Use Stage 2.

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