Doctor using tablet computer behind blindsLast month we blogged about the growth of Urgent Care to accommodate the increasing demand of patients with acute illnesses and injuries looking for expediency and quality care. We are now introducing key features, Patient Tracker, Encounter Preview and a new Walk-In feature (along with an improved, schedule-focused EHR Dashboard) to add to our already comprehensive urgent care EHR solution – and to better serve other specialties who will benefit from these services.

Patient Tracker and Room Tracker enable you to view patient status, room status and important information relevant to the patient’s appointment and encounter – including comments, follow-up information, age, sex, reason for visit, provider, whether vitals have been entered and patient priority.

Patient Tracker gives users more information in one place, making it easier to navigate through the dashboard with the enhanced view of the status of all patients and rooms for the day, while Encounter Preview displays on a slide panel that slides out from the right and contains the details of the encounter. You can view these encounter details without leaving the Dashboard. Reason for visit, check-in time, in-room time and visit time are included at the top. Our goal with these features: to allow medical staff to accomplish more without having to leave the Dashboard. Users can access their schedule, encounters, recent patients, alerts, tasks and messages in one easy-to-digest place.


Room Tracker allows users to easily monitor the status of rooms, when rooms become available and the patients in each room with a color-coded system, each color representing a different status. roomStatus

We also offer a Walk-In List to accommodate urgent care facilities and other practices whose workflow includes walk-in patients rather than scheduled appointments. This new Practice Management scheduling feature is a type of calendar resource that does not require calendar time slots.

As healthcare continues to transform, more practices will be required to accept more patients on shorter notice. Our goal is to not only make sure that urgent care centers and other walk-in facilities run more smoothly and efficiently, but to also provide solutions for all practices who can benefit from an effectual way to monitor and manage patient flow with an enhanced view of all patients’ status and rooms for the day.