Patient Portal Infographic

“Small efforts to empower non-physicians, re-engineer workflows, exploit technology and update policies to eliminate wasted effort could yield the capacity for millions of additional patient visits per year in the United States.” – Scott Shopman, MD, director of primary care affairs at the Association of American Medical Colleges, Health Affairs

Life happens and patients are going to miss appointments. But short of those sometimes inevitable emergencies (ie: house on fire, car accident, etc.), patient no-shows are not only unnecessary, but they also represent quite a bit of reduced revenue when added up. In fact, no-shows could potentially rack up to cost a single physician $30,000 in lost revenue annually  – and when you consider a multi-physician office, the numbers are alarming.

No-show = No revenue

Reducing no-shows is not only beneficial for your practice, but it will help to serve overall patient care, and strengthens the relationship you have with your patients. So what’s the best way to combat no-shows once and for all? Using an automated appointment reminder system (that is integrated into your EHR) and setting up an sms appointment reminder or email reminder for each patient as soon as he or she books an appointment is one of the easiest ways to reduce your no-show rate immediately.

Read this infographic on the importance of appointment reminders, the best way to make no-shows a problem of the past, or click on the image in the upper right hand corner.

In addition to automated appointment reminders, you can take other steps to reduce your no-show rate: Make sure to track the reasons for your patient no-shows and note the trends, instill and enforce a no-show policy that you and your staff feel is fair, whether or not it involves a no-show fee, encourage your patients to rely on your patient portal as their go-to point of contact with your practice, and thank patients who cancel and reschedule in a timely manner, or via the patient portal (thank yous go a long way).