MediTouch by HealthFusion offers a complete package of desired features to run a healthcare practice smoothly and hassle free. Our fully integrated solution has become the number one choice of physicians, clinics and hospitals across the nation. Aside from being cloud-based, having a patient portal and e-prescribing as one of its features, charting has also been made easier by MediTouch by Healthfusion.

Charting on the go

MediTouch is designed for access for not only computers but also with tablets, using it anytime and anywhere. Gone are the days when healthcare professionals have to bring work home to complete their charting. MediTouch allows for convenient charting during the session with the patient on your tablet, phone or laptop. This means that charting will be completed by the time you complete the session with the patient, which is a reliable way to get the most accurate details or assessment.

Most importantly, MediTouch has type, touch and talk capabilities. Healthcare providers can choose the charting option that best fits their practice and what will help them during their very busy day.

Charting made easier with an EHR that thinks like a doctor

Our software is user-friendly and the preferred choice of many users. Charting is made easy by pre-loaded templates. Once you’ve selected that template that matches your needs, you can customize it in minutes. When charting, you do not need to worry about encoding long medical terms because EHR thinks like a doctor. It is loaded with commonly used terminology and medical phrases. Depending on the patient’s condition, MediTouch will suggest the appropriate code for you to use. You simply need to select from a list, and conveniently your charting is done.

Your focus can stay on the patient and not on charting

Transitioning from paper charting or traditional charting will not be difficult with MediTouch, so the focus can stay on the patient and not on learning how to use the EHR. MediTouch uses the traditional SOAP format. Observations, assessment and care plans will still be available for the medical provider to complete, but can be done faster and conveniently.

Best of all, this software can help you identify charting duplicates and prevent necessary miscommunication in reading illegible notes by doctors. Medication errors are also lessened as it will give the purpose and action of the requested drug. It will keep your information in the system, so if there is important patient specific information, like allergic history to certain drugs, you can easily detect and avoid it.

Gone are the days of using the old, time consuming paper system. Now is the time to embrace change and adopt the new system for better outcomes and medical services for your patients. By using MediTouch by Healthfusion, success is right on your fingertips as you can easily and accurately chart significant details of the patients care without it eating too much of your time.

These are just a few reasons why we believe we have one of, if not the best, medical charting software available. If you would like a free demo of the software, please contact us so you can have access to our state-of-the-art product.