advancing care information

MIPS Performance Categories, Part 2: Advancing Care Information (AKA What Meaningful Use Will Become)

As part of our MACRA blog series, we’re breaking down each of the four performance categories under the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). Our most recent blog in the series covered the Quality performance category, which counts for 50 percent of an eligible clinician’s composite performance score (CPS). In this blog, we’ll review Advancing Care Information, the second most heavily weighted performance category under MIPS – and the category that will absorb Meaningful Use. Beginning in 2017, eligible clinicians who currently participate in Meaningful Use will stop doing so and the majority will instead report through MIPS. The first performance period for Advancing Care Information is proposed to be from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.

Remember that MACRA is performance based and that your score will be compared to that of your peers. Those with poor performance will receive less compensation – making MACRA a competition of sorts.

In order to get the full 25 percent of the MIPS score allocated to Advancing Care Information, you must gain a total of 100 points out of the following:

  • Base score – 50 possiblepoints
  • Performance score – 80 possible points
  • Bonus point – 1 possible point

If clinicians earn fewer than 100 points in the Advancing Care Information performance category, their overall MIPS score will decline, moving them to the left of the bell curve.

Base Score

The Base Score is comprised of six proposed objectives and their measures. Eligible clinicians (EC) must provide the numerator/denominator or yes/no for each objective and measure.

The six proposed objectives for the base score are as follows:

  1. Protect patient health information (yes required)
  2. Electronic prescribing (numerator/denominator)
  3. Patient electronic access (numerator/denominator)
  4. Coordination of care through patient engagement (numerator/denominator)
  5. Health information exchange (numerator/denominator)
  6. Immunization registry reporting (yes required)


Performance Score


Physicians and other eligible clinicians will select the measures that best fit their practice from these objectives:

Patient Electronic Access – Patient access and patient-specific education

Coordination of Care through Patient Engagement – View, download and transmit; secure messaging; patient-generated health data

Health Information Exchange – Exchange information with other physicians or clinicians; exchange information with patients; clinical information reconciliation

Public Health Registry Bonus Point – Physicians and other clinicians may choose to report to other public health registries and will receive one bonus point for reporting beyond the immunization category.