One of fastest growing segment of American healthcare system, urgent care (or immediate care) has mushroomed into an estimated $14.5 billion business, with interest from private equity investment firms, commercial insurance companies, regional health systems and local hospitals looking to invest, buy, or partner up. One study predicted that there will be 15,000 urgent care centers by 2019, with roughly two opening per day in the United States. It’s a low-margin, high-volume business – it’s no wonder the model is so attractive.

urgent-careAnother major reason for this boom: More and more patients opt for urgent care over an overcrowded ER – which can mean long stints in the waiting room and bigger costs – for their immediate, non-life-threatening healthcare needs. As we progress further into the age of the consumer, and as primary care facilities reach capacity, patients expect 24/7 convenience along with quality care. To accommodate the need, urgent care facilities need to become as efficient as they possibly can; they need the software to support this need.

Not only does a MediTouch urgent care EHR solution already provide hundreds of templates specific to urgent care needs, and the ability to customize and adapt to an urgent care facility’s specific practice workflow, but we’re also in the midst of adding more features that will serve the growing specialty, and that will benefit any other specialty. Stay tuned for more information on our new features.

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