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EHR News and Information: The HealthFusion Blog

The HealthFusion EHR news and blog brings you the latest in the healthcare industry and health IT news as it pertains to you and your practice.

Seth Flam, DO

Lead Blogger: Seth Flam, DO

Dr. Flam is one of the founders of HealthFusion and serves as the company's CEO and President. He is board certified in Family Practice and is one of the creative forces behind MediTouch EHR. More information about Dr. Flam can be found at

CMS Offers Resources to Promote Chronic Care Management Awareness

CMS' new Chronic Care Management initiative offers resources to help educate patients and healthcare professionals about CCM. The effort is indicative of how underutilized the CCM program is nationwide, across the physician community — versus how much potential lies in it for both practices and an underprivileged patient population. Continue Reading

Managing OB GYN Health and Medical Records with EMR/EHR

Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Practices Can Benefit from The Use of Electronic Medical and Health Records Specialty clinics often express skepticism about adopting EHR platforms. Some of the hesitation stems from their niche focus and anxiety over disrupting longtime methods and procedures of record keeping, coding, and billing. All of this is understandable, but a good EHR can benefit every type of practice, and a specialty like obstetrics and gynecology (OB GYN) is no exception. Women’s healthcare deals with a variety of both urgent and long-term treatments, and a powerful OB GYN […] Continue Reading

Custom EHR Software Solutions for Medical Specialties

ipad ehr software doctor
Not every physician runs the same type of practice. It only makes sense, then, that not every physician should be forced to settle for a one-size-fits-all EHR solution. Continue Reading

Meaningful Use, PQRS and MACRA Announcements from HealthFusion

mu pqrs macra
When you become a MediTouch user, we not only keep you apprised of what to expect regarding 2016-2017 government compliance programs, but we also make attestation a piece of cake. Read how: Continue Reading

The Independent Medical Practice is Far From Dead … And It Can Thrive Under MACRA

Independant Medical Practice
As healthcare transitions to value-based care and presents an increasingly challenging environment for independent practitioners, the notion that physicians are selling their practices and taking jobs as employees of hospitals and health systems permeates the healthcare community. But this theory isn't necessarily true — and small practices are poised to not only survive MACRA, but to thrive in the new landscape. Here's how. Continue Reading

All of Your Big Questions About MACRA Answered in This Whitepaper

The most complex set of healthcare regulations of our generation has recently been finalized – all 2,000-something pages of it. Here is a white paper that will answer all of your big questions about MACRA. Continue Reading

CMS Releases Final Medicare Quality Payment Program Rule (MACRA)

The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) recently finalized the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 Quality Payment Program to replace the Sustainable Growth Rate. Here are the resources you need to stay informed. Continue Reading

Will 2017 See New Chronic Care Management Rules?

In the 2017 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule, CMS recommended some changes to the current chronic care management billing rules. Billing for Chronic Care Management may not be as straightforward in the future as it is now, however, CMS claims that the ultimate goal is to actually simplify chronic care management, making it easier to provide these services by implementing these rules. Continue Reading

The CMS MACRA / MIPS Timeline

The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) pathway of MACRA will begin its reporting period on January 1, 2017. Here is an illustrated timeline for MIPS and how it will affect you in the near future. Continue Reading


As if a new proposed 900-page rule hasn't caused enough confusion, the acronyms and abbreviations alone could send someone to the z-o-o. Here is a glossary of terms to help you make sense of the alphabet soup of MACRA. Continue Reading