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EHR News and Information: The HealthFusion Blog

The HealthFusion EHR news and blog brings you the latest in the healthcare industry and health IT news as it pertains to you and your practice.

Seth Flam, DO

Lead Blogger: Seth Flam, DO

Dr. Flam is one of the founders of HealthFusion and serves as the company's CEO and President. He is board certified in Family Practice and is one of the creative forces behind MediTouch EHR. More information about Dr. Flam can be found at

The Future of Medical Billing Software

Attempting to predict the future can be a tricky gamble, especially in healthcare. Today’s game-changing technology could quickly spiral into tomorrow’s litigious, medical bust. When it comes to the future of medical billing software, there does seem to be some indications of where it may be heading. And that can help us make some educated guesses. Continue Reading

How Medical Software Can Help Your Medical Practice

HealthFusion’s MediTouch integrated EHR medical practice management software
HealthFusion dives into the different types of medical software available, while discussing how each type can help your medical practice. Types include EMR, EHR, practice management, scheduling and billing. Continue Reading

How to Reduce Your Money-Draining No-Show Rate

“Small efforts to empower non-physicians, re-engineer workflows, exploit technology and update policies to eliminate wasted effort could yield the capacity for millions of additional patient visits per year in the United States.” – Scott Shopman, MD, director of primary care affairs at the Association of American Medical Colleges, Health Affairs Life happens and patients are going to miss appointments. But short of those sometimes inevitable emergencies (ie: house on fire, car accident, etc.), patient no-shows are not only unnecessary, but they also represent quite a bit of reduced revenue when added up. […] Continue Reading

HealthFusion + Zocdoc: Making Appointment-Booking Seamless for Practices and Patients

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Zocdoc, the leading digital health marketplace used by millions of patients every month to find in-network neighborhood doctors and instantly book appointments online. This combined capability may help MediTouch providers attract new patients and improve overall practice efficiency by providing patients using the Zocdoc service with a real-time view of MediTouch provider schedules. Continue Reading