Browser Tips and Information

When HealthFusion integrates new features or performs application maintenance it is sometimes necessary to clear your browser’s cache or delete browsing history to ensure all new features are fully functional. This can be compared to installing Operating System upgrades to your computer and having to restart the computer in order for the upgrade to be completed.

Clearing the cache is easy!

  • Firefox, go to Tools: Clear Recent History
  • Chrome, go to Tools: Clear Browsing Data
  • Safari, go to Tools: Empty Cache
  • Internet Explorer, go to Tools: Internet Options, Delete History
  • or, Ctrl+R / Apple+R after logging in

More tips on clearing your cache.

What is the Cache?

When you display a web page, your web browser stores a copy of some of the necessary resources for the page, e.g., images, stylesheets, javascript files, etc… The next time you need them, your browser loads them from the cache rather them downloading them again.

For dynamic applications like MediTouch and Practice Management, those files are often updated during a system upgrade and your cache needs to be cleared to ensure your cached versions are updated.