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MediTouch EHR is Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified

HealthFusion’s MediTouch EHR 4.0 2014 Edition was certified for Meaningful Use Stage 2 on June 13th 2013.

Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified EHR
For 2013 EHR Incentive registration & attestation, use EHR Cert. ID 30000001SWPKEAC.
For 2014, 2015 and 2016 EHR Incentive registration & attestation, use EHR Cert. ID A014E01KIGRMEAN until further notice.

MediTouch Complete EHR is 2014 compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or guarantee the receipt of incentive payments.

MediTouch EHR 4.0 was certified on June 13th 2013 (ID# 06132013-1962-8) and has been certified to Criteria 170.314: (a)1-15, (b)1-5&7, (c)1-3, (d)1-8, (e)1-3, (f)1-3, (g)2-4 and all of the CMS core CQMs including, CMS2v1, CMS50v1, CMS68v1, CMS69v1, CMS75v1, CMS90v1, CMS117v1, CMS126v1, CMS136v1, CMS138v1, CMS146v1, CMS153v1, CMS154v1, CMS155v1, CMS156v1, CMS165v1, CMS166v1, CMS002v3, CMS022v2, CMS050v2, CMS052v2, CMS056v2, CMS061v3, CMS062v2, CMS064v3, CMS065v3, CMS066v2, CMS068v3, CMS069v2, CMS074v3, CMS075v2, CMS077v2, CMS082v1, CMS090v3, CMS117v2, CMS122v2, CMS123v2, CMS124v2, CMS125v2, CMS126v2, CMS127v2, CMS128v2, CMS129v3, CMS130v2, CMS131v2, CMS132v2, CMS133v2, CMS134v2, CMS135v2, CMS136v3, CMS137v2, CMS138v2, CMS139v2, CMS140v2, CMS141v3, CMS142v2, CMS143v2, CMS144v2, CMS145v2, CMS146v2, CMS147v2, CMS148v2, CMS149v2, CMS153v2, CMS154v2, CMS155v2, CMS156v2, CMS157v2, CMS158v2, CMS159v2, CMS160v2, CMS161v2, CMS163v2, CMS164v2, CMS165v2, CMS166v3, CSM167v2, CMS169v2, CMS177v2, CMS179v2, CMS182v3.

Additional software or services used: This certified product-version requires the use of spreadsheet software for file export across all objectives and the Surescripts Network for Clinical Interoperability direct messaging.

Cost and Limitations of Certified EHR/EMR Software:

Base licensing of the certified product requires a monthly subscription fee that is charged per NPI user. Subscription includes unlimited seats and clinic locations. In order to meet Meaningful Use additional costs and fees apply for the capability to:

  • Connect to Public Health Registries
  • Purchasing Spreadsheet Software (Excel)

These additional costs and fees render access to the capabilities above across all practice locations.

  1. Transition of Care/Referral Summaries:

Capability Description:

This functionality allows users to send and receive Direct-based messages to/from other users of certified health IT systems. Direct messages may include clinical data, notes, and other information.

Costs and Fees:

There is no additional cost related to this functionality.


Only prescribers with an NPI are eligible for a Direct Address and the exclusive HISP for MediTouch is the Surescripts Network for Clinical Interoperability. Information about the Surescripts Network for Clinical Interoperability and its relationship with other HISP entities is available on the Surescripts website at: We do not warrant that the Surescripts Network for Clinical Interoperability will be able to establish agreements and required connections with all third-party HISPs. Messages archived on MediTouch hosted, HIPAA compliant, servers are available only on the MediTouch messaging interface.

  1. Electronic Prescribing, Medication CPOE, Drug­-Drug/Drug­-Allergy Interactions and Formulary Checks

Capability Description:

Electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) allows providers to electronically send and manage medication prescriptions. This capability also allows providers to perform medication CPOE, drug­-drug/drug­-allergy interactions and formulary checks. Medication CPOE is the process of a healthcare provider electronically entering and managing medication orders. Drug-drug interaction checks ensure that patients do not receive medications that are known to interact with other medications the patient may be taking. Drug-allergy interaction checks ensure that patients do not receive medications that they are allergic to. Formulary checks is the automatic process of referencing the drug formulary provided by insurances to identify drugs that offer the greatest overall value.

Costs and Fees:

There is no additional fee related to the above captioned capabilities required to meet Meaningful Use.

There are additional one time and monthly fees related to the use of Electronic prescribing of controlled substances, a capability that is not required to activate in order to meet Meaningful Use.


There are no limitations on the quantity of transactions related to this capability.

  1. Connecting to Public Health Registries

Capability Description:

Connecting to Public Health Registries includes the capability of meeting the Meaningful Use Public Health Objective. This objective includes either active engagement or ongoing submission to public health agencies / registries for the purpose of reporting data related to immunizations, syndromic surveillance, specialized and or cancer registries.


This certified product-version require fees to establish interfaces for reporting to registries, public health agencies, and transmission of reportable laboratory tests. At this time there is no established standard adopted nationally by public health registries and laboratory testing companies that includes a uniform file specification, communication protocol and testing process for EHR vendors, therefore this certified product-version requires either one-time and or monthly fees for custom engineering work to establish custom interfaces to the above captioned entity types. Fees are assessed on a per provider basis. There are no fees related to exporting public health data from this certified product-version in file formats that meet the specific standards that were required to meet the CEHRT definition at the time this product version was certified.


This certified version is not certified to submit cancer registry files to cancer registries. There is no limit to the number of registries that an EP may connect to, but pricing is based on per provider per registry fees.