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ICD-10 Transition and Codes – Success

MediTouch has proven ICD-10 success. Our first pass payer rates have not decreased since October 1 and the ICD-10 transition went seamlessly.

The ICD-9 to ICD-10 Crosswalk made Easy

The ICD-9 to ICD-10 transition is now a reality, but the changeover is still worrying many practitioners, practice administrators and medical billers – and with good reason: The change is a significant one, with an increase from 13,000 ICD-9 codes to 68,000 ICD-10-CM codes and many other significant differences.

The good news is that HealthFusion not only completed our preparations for ICD-10 in 2013, two years before the ICD-10 transition, but that we’ve designed our system to make the conversion as smooth for you as possible. MediTouch is fully ICD-10 compliant, with all ICD codes pre-programmed into our database – and of course we will continue to support ICD-9 until the very last payer has migrated to ICD-10 exclusively. Plus, as a certified 2014 Stage 2 EHR, MediTouch is also SNOMED ready.

Our team has been tracking first pass payer payment rates since October 1, comparing those rates to an earlier period just prior to ICD-10 implementation. We have not seen a meaningful decrease in first pass payment.

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Side-by-side ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding – available now

In MediTouch, you will find side-by-side buttons for ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding, allowing you to easily see both codes for each diagnosis. You can use this tool to integrate training on the new code set into your everyday practice, so that you remain familiar with the ICD-10 codes you need through the ICD-10 transition. And both options will be available well after the 2015 deadline.


MediTouch provides side-by-side buttons for fast ICD-9 and ICD-10 conversions.

Here’s how HealthFusion is helping you to transition to ICD-10:

We didn’t stop with updating our EHR and practice management software. To help make your conversion as easy as possible, we also:
  • Created an ICD-10 mapping tool which will help you translate ICD-9 codes into ICD-10 codes and vice versa.
  • Provide you with informative resources on implementation, training and coding.
  • Offer useful articles on ICD-10 in our blog, and will continue to publish new information and strategies on how to make the ICD-10 transition monthly.

There’s no need to fear ICD-10 if you’re using MediTouch

ICD-10 brings with it a lot of benefits – improved quality measurement, reduced errors in diagnosis coding, improved tracking and response to public health issues, and much more. But it also requires a lot from both you and your vendors. We’ve prepared for the transition, and we’re ready to help you succeed.

Resources for preparing your practice

Learn more about ICD-10 and success strategies for your practice:

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