Test Drive the Fastest, Most Intuitive EHR Available!

It’s easy to get started with MediTouch because there are no EHR start-up, training or implementation fees, and there is no special hardware to buy – it works on the computers that you already have in your office!

MediTouch – The EHR you CAN afford and won’t slow you down

Introducing MediTouch to IOMA Members

The Iowa Osteopathic Medical Association (IOMA) has taken the time, and performed rigorous due diligence, to review the benefits of MediTouch EHR so you don’t have to. They evaluated MediTouch EHR on numerous criteria including features, costs, implementation, ease of use, training time, and most importantly practical application in a clinical environment. After comparing our product on these and other criteria against various other EHR systems, the IOMA selected MediTouch as the first and only EHR to receive their endorsement.

Enjoy all of these Member Benefits when you sign up for MediTouch (a $700+ value!):

  • Get one month FREE
  • Pay NO ENROLLMENT fees
  • NO CHARGE for setup, support, maintenance, software updates or training
  • Award-winning FREE Customer Service

MediTouch was conceived by doctors for doctors and designed for practices of all sizes. It’s the next generation in EHR technology with the fastest, most intuitive, touch screen charting interface in the industry — fingertip touch is quicker than writing!

The MediTouch Difference:

  • A powerful, all-in-one system, fully integrated with our world-class Practice Management and Clearinghouse solutions
  • Platform independent, so it runs on any Apple or Windows computer including tablets… and perfect with the touchscreen iPad
  • Optimized for the iPad and finger touch charting
  • Osteopathic Module built-in
  • Captured patient images can be manipulated and drawn upon, with integrated software thanks to the iPad’s refined touch interface and MediTouch’s® revolutionary drawing tool: MediDraw.
  • Works anywhere there is Internet access (which is almost everywhere)
  • Easy to deploy without breaking the bank, and simple to adapt to your workflow and style
  • Leap beyond templates with revolutionary, customizable technology… and maintain eye contact with your patients throughout every office visit
  • Backed by live, U.S.-based customer service… recognized by J.D. Power and Associates for “an Outstanding Customer Service Experience” two years running!