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Medical Claims Management Software

Our Claims Clearinghouse is the most intuitive, comprehensive electronic medical claims submission tool on the market.

medical-claims-clearinghouseSuccessful billing with MediTouch

  • Connect to thousands of payers
  • Manage your medical claims in the cloud
  • Upload or Direct Data Entry
  • Online editing and resubmission

Each year hundreds of millions of dollars worth of medical claims are successfully billed via the MediTouch clearinghouse. With thousands of built-in edits your first pass acceptance rate should reach 95% or higher.

Our electronic claims processing system means that claims scrubbing and error reporting is done within minutes and sent back to you for immediate correction of any errors. This speeds your time from submission to payment, significantly improving your cash flow.

In addition, our medical claims management software provides a unique eligibility verification tool that allows you to schedule rechecks of eligibility at any point you specify before the appointment, reducing denials and payment delays. Coupled with the ability to create the patient chart right from the eligibility check, your practice will have the exact same demographic data as the payer thereby reducing clerical errors related to claim submission.

With MediTouch, you also have simple management of your ERAs, with the ability to upload and download ERA files, automate ERA retrieval directly from the payer, easy printing of any ERA in a readable format, and more.

Plus, the seamless electronic claims processing between our medical billing software and integrated medical claims clearinghouse means that your medical claims management is as smooth and error-free as it can be. And all clearinghouse fees are included in your monthly subscription, reducing your billing expenses.