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Medical Appointment Scheduling System

With our advanced medical scheduling system, time is always on your side.

Healthcare Patient Scheduling at Your Fingertips

The MediTouch scheduling interface is specialized for fast health care and medical appointment entry. If you have ever used a scheduling program before, our interface will be familiar and get you started right away.

  • Appointment search quickly match patient requests with the provider’s calendar
  • Move appointments with a simple drag and drop
  • Schedule multiple resources for the same appointment time, ex. Provider + EKG machine
  • Customizable color-coding for appointment types and preferences
medicial scheduling systems software
How Your Medical Office Can Benefit from HealthFusion’s  Appointment Scheduler

This easy-to-use medical scheduling software also offers a high level of flexibility, allowing you to customize both your general calendar and appointment types, by time required, room/equipment required, etc. You can also limit specific types of appointments to only the locations that support it, as well as scheduling “block” appointments that do not involve a patient.

MediTouch customization tools simplify the process and reduce the staff time required to schedule each appointment. The medical scheduling software’s flexibility allows you to add as many appointment types as you need.

You can also reduce phone calls at the front desk with MediTouch patient scheduling software. Patients can request times online via our patient portal, and confirmations can be automated via email or text, with an option for patients to easily add the event to their calendar across all of their devices. Today, patients are modern, savvy consumers and they want to make appointments at the doctor’s office with the same convenience and immediacy as they would book a hotel room or order a movie to watch on demand. Also integral to any scheduling system is an appointment reminder feature, automated according to patient preference. When added up, patient no-shows can make a significant dent in your revenue, so the ability to automate text and email reminders should be part of your patient scheduling software. Recent studies have shown that text and email reminders are more effective than voice call reminders. By employing these functions, in conjunction with an online scheduler, any medical office will slash their no-show rates, thereby capturing potentially lost revenue.

Consumers today expect online expediency in every realm, so why should healthcare be any different? Doctors who use a comprehensive medical scheduling system with an integrated patient portal provides patients the convenience they want, and they also support a more efficient workflow in their practice.

User-friendly yet state-of-the-art patient scheduling software not only promotes satisfaction and engagement among patients, but it also helps to alleviate physician and staff burnout — which in turn will create a more positive experience for your patients.

Make the most of your time and use MediTouch scheduling software to manage provider schedules.