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4 Ways Your Patient Portal Should Save You Time and Money

Incorporating a patient portal that utilizes state-of-the-art technology into your workflow will improve quality care and enhance the productivity of your practice tenfold. The patient portal software that you choose for your practice should possess the agility and sophistication to perform all of the functions we’ve illustrated in this infographic. This standard of technology is your key to providing the happy medium between patient empowerment and physician supervision. An ideal patient portal streamlines front office workflow, cutting down on mundane tasks for you and your staff to perform … ultimately freeing up time to see more patients.

Read our infographic for the four fundamental components of an optimal patient portal:

The YourHealthFile Patient Portal is “the physician’s assistant, in the patient’s home.” Your patients have private, secure access to their electronic Personal Health Record with this versatile and agile tool, integrated with MediTouch EHR. From administrative interfaces like scheduling and patient check-in to clinical features – lab results, clinical summaries, prescription renewals – to billing and secure messaging compliant with Meaningful Use standards, YourHealthFile patient portal helps facilitate workflow and keeps your patients feeling in control of their own care.

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